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NBC affiliate does a segment on Market Mommies and mentions Allergy Apparel

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Market Mommies lists moms with businesses with moms that shop.Market Mommies link moms in business with moms who need their products or services.  Toni Bloomfield, creator of Market Mommies states, "The idea is that if you need a product or service, why not support a mom owned business with your dollars? Over 10 million women in the United States own a business.  Whether it is out of the house, on the web, or at a store, moms are making a difference in the products we use and in the bottom line for their families.  So Support them by buying from a Mom!"

"Since starting this website [Market Mommies] about a month ago, I have been amazed at the creativity of moms," says Toni Bloomfield. Read More...

Lisa Cooks Allergen Free suggests Allergy Apparel in her Holiday Guide

Loobalees writes:

"Loobalee Inspiration: The Best of the Niche Auction Sites .... Check out Allergy Apparel, a unique website that offers hip clothing for kids while reminding ...

Have a child with food allergies? Check out Allergy Apparel, ... LoobaLee is all about providing a source to find name brand children's clothing that still ...

Loobalee  A designer resale jubilee...outfit your kid for virtually free."

Living My Moment Features Allergy Apparel

Living My Moment supports businesses and blogs, One MoM at a time


Allergy Apparel featured in Richmond Magazine

Special-Needs Business Profile: Allergy Apparel

By Terri Mauro,


Theresa Marie Green started Allergy Apparel in late 2008, and says she "could not do this without my cool friends and artists Stacy Chisholm at Chisholm Creative Solutions, Angela Prado at Prado Designs, and Sarah Doerfler at blue in the stream photography. Stacy, Angela, and Sarah are also creative moms who work from their homes."

Business Description

"In addition to offering hip clothing and other products for children with food allergies, Allergy Apparel offers moms resources such as links that offer support and advice, an event calendar, other products that may enrich their lives, a blog, and more," Green reports. "My products also give parents of children without allergies an opportunity to ask questions and to better understand food allergies."

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Warn others of food allergies with Allergy Apparel

by Melissa Newby

Chances are that you know somebody who has food allergies.  Food allergies can be frightening and life threatening.  Parents of kids who have allergies are constantly reading labels, checking ingredients, and policing what their kids eat. Read More...

Kate Hall from wrote:

Smart Richmond Mom creates solutions for kids with allergies

For the mom of a child with a severe nut allergy, even a trip to the park can be a frightening experience, as revealed by these photographs.  Read More at's Where Hip Moms Click!

Melissa Newby another with the Examiner and  wrote:

Fun ways to warn others about a child's food allergies

Food allergies seem so common now. We have several close friends whose children have allergies so we've watched them scan every food box for a list of ingredients, interview waiters on what's in the chicken nugget breading, and drill into their... Read More 

Jonah Holland from Near West End News Wrote:

Local Business Profile: West End Mom Runs Allergy Apparel

I just ran into an old friend on the Internet. That is happening way to much these days. Not so much because I’m going out less, and running into fewer people at the Village Ukrops, but because with all my blogging and Facebooking and Tweeting, the Internet is becoming a place where you can do that — run into old friends. Read More...

                 Terri with writes about Allergy Apparel

By                 Terri Mauro, Guide to Special Children

                 Allergy Shirts Give Custom Alerts

                  T-shirts with food-allergy warnings are a fun way to get the message out that folks should take care when feeding your kid. You may have been frustrated, though, if your child has a complex assortment of reactions to food. Allergy Apparel has a solution -- customized shirts that bear the company's distinctive skull logo but can be tweaked with any combination of allergies you wish to warn about. Read More

Sunbutter Features Allergy Apparel

We keep meeting the most amazing moms of kids with allergies. Meet Theresa, who we liked immediately when she said, “First and foremost, I am a Mom.” One of her two “beautiful, energetic and amazing” sons, River, was diagnosed with a tree nut and peanut allergy before his first birthday. He and his food allergies inspired her to start her own company, Allergy Apparel.  River is now five years old, and Allergy Apparel has grown, too. We’re proud to share her story in her own words. Thanks, Theresa. Read more

Food Allergies: Two Richmond moms champion for their kids, educate us all

By Kate Willoughby Hall, CEO of

Theresa Marie Green is a Richmond mom who knows about the dark side of food allergies. Theresa and I met each other when we were both launching our sites—hers is, which was born from a need to help children with food allergies at school and public functions. When she discovered her son had a severe peanut allergy that sent him to the emergency room, she sought out answers and couldn’t find everything she needed. Read more...