Allergy Apparel is a company that offers unique, hip, and fun designs for your kiddo that has a food allergy. 

Our goal is to protect and safeguard my child's health and the well being of all children with life threatening allergies, through the use of my shirts and labels.  My products give parents of children without allergies an opportunity to ask questions and to better understand food allergies.  I also realize that parents may find other ways of dealing with the situation.  Allergy Apparel continues to give me new avenues to reach people and to raise awareness.  In addition to these opportunities, I contribute a portion of the proceeds to organizations that offer not only limitless and priceless support but are also doing research to find cures. 

Why a skull and crossbone? Because it is the symbol for poison, and as you know, some foods are poisonous to our children.

If you share similar viewpoints and want to read more, I have teamed up with The Examiner and am writing about parenting and food allergies. Visit me at The Examiner. Is there something that you would like to hear about? Submit your ideas, articles, and more

Allergy Apparel
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“One man’s food is another man’s poison” -     Lucretius