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First and foremost, I am a Mom.  I have two beautiful, energetic, and amazing sons, one of which has a food allergy.  My seven-year old son, River, was diagnosed with a tree nut and peanut allergy before his first birthday. River and his food allergies inspired me to start Allergy Apparel.

Allergy Apparel offers hip apparel and other products to help safeguard children with food allergies.  In addition to offering products, Allergy Apparel offers parents resources such as links that offer support and advice, an event calendar, other products that may enrich their lives, a blog, and more.  Allergy Apparel’s products also give parents the opportunity to ask questions and to better understand food allergies.

I use the distinctive design of a skull and crossbones, for not only the cool factor but because it is a symbol for poison, and some foods are poison to our kiddos. 

When River was less than a year old, we were sharing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and he immediately broke out in hives from head to toe.   He had been exposed in the past and reacted but had never ingested it and reacted to this degree.  And in the past I was in denial.  Since the reaction, we have eliminated all nuts from our house and are aware of all products that River comes into contact with, such as lotions, sponges.

River started kindergarten a few years ago which was been a big step.  When given the option to become room mom, I jumped at the chance.  I knew it would give me an opportunity to provide the snacks for the students, when necessary, and be more aware of the classroom environment. 

Being a good mom is most important to me.  With that said I spend most free moments and many not-so-free moments working on Allergy Apparel.  Allergy Apparel gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact on families and communities lives, educating them, and illuminating the public about food allergies, contributing my time, and offering a force for change.

My advice to all parents is to network, listen to others’ experiences and share your own experiences and knowledge. It is empowering.

I am forever grateful to my friends and family.  Without the support of them,  I could not do this. Thank you  Stacy at Chisholm Creative Solutions, Sarah with blue in the stream photography, Cristina with Sassy Monsters, Nap Mats and More, and my family, of course.  

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We got it last night!!!!! OMG, so cute and John put it on right away. He said it was the “coolest” and wore it to school today. Thanks so much for all your creative genius and making COOL allergy aware stuff. LOVE it!!

Kelly Rudnicki

Food Allergy Mama

We received our bracelet today!! My son just loves it!

Thanks so much for all your website does!!

We had a great meeting with our nurse. I feel so much more confident about sending him to kindergarten!!

Thanks so much for all your help!! I had no idea on what to expect with food allergies and you have eased us into it gracefully!!

Thanks again!!

The package came today.  These shirts have to be the cutest out there.  They fit him perfectly.

Hi Allergy apparel... We wanted to let you know that we mentioned you in our latest blog post for our business Annie & Isabel! We love our Rock n' cuff Medical Alert bracelet for my son with a peanut allergy. We, in starting our own home business, have found so many wonderful companies like you!

-Selena Srabian, http://annieandisabelblog.blogspot.com/

Everything looks fantastic, we love the designs!  We can't wait to get these and are actually a little less stressed about sending our son off to school this year.  If nothing else, the shirts will just be a cool and subtle reminder of our sons special needs.  Thank you so much for offering a wonderful service! -Stacey V.

she loves the "bones" shirts, thanks!  :)  -jessica-

Hiya! V got her new bracelet and WOW we love it! -TG

Thanks so much for getting the clothing to me sooo fast!   Love the quality of the clothing and the logos really are trendy and fun (for an issue and a warning that is not so fun)!!

Great idea...I cannot not tell you how much better I feel when we are out or with new friends and he has this shirt on.  Now that I have E, it has become harder to watch every little move that other kids make (handing him food at playground/pool), so this just helps me and other moms to watch their kids.


Thanks for all your help. -RH

Received my shirts today - Love them!  Thanks  -Carrie

Thanks again for all your hard work!  I appreciate it!  I love your products!  They are just so important, especially for the little guys who can't verbalize that they have a food allergy yet!

Thanks again for all your hard work!  I appreciate it!  I love your products!  They are just so important, especially for the little guys who can't verbalize that they have a food allergy yet!

Thanks again!  May I ask who your supervisor is?  I would love to write them an email letting them know about the positive experience! -Caite

this will be the perfect solution for camp! -Lori

I have recently purchased an Adult EPIBelt. {My son}loves his holder, shows it to everyone, and wears it all the time, so thanks, it’s a marvelous idea. -Vicky

Allergy Apparel’s  Mission...

My goal is to protect and safeguard my child's health and the well being of all children with life threatening allergies, through the use of my shirts and labels. My products give parents of children without allergies an opportunity to ask questions and to better understand food allergies. I also realize that parents may find other ways of dealing with the situation. Allergy Apparel continues to give me new avenues to reach people and to raise awareness.  In addition to these opportunities, I contribute a portion of the proceeds to organizations that offer not only limitless and priceless support but are also doing research to find cures.

Why a skull and crossbone?  Because it is the symbol for poison, and as you know, some foods are poisonous to our children.

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